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3 Helpful Ideas for Landscape Edging

There are many beautiful ways to add some finishing touches to your landscaping and gardening projects, and putting in landscape edging is just one way to give your yard a finished, polished, and professional look.

So let’s review some great landscape edging ideas that are simple and easy to put into place almost anywhere.

1. Wood Landscape Edging Ideas – There are a variety of wooden landscape edgings that can be purchased at any home and garden store, hardware store, or regular discount stores such as Walmart or Kmart too. You can buy standard two by four or six by four wood pieces and cut them to size, or buy small round pieces of wood which look like miniature tree trunks.

When using wood landscape edging, make it decorative by varying the heights and sizes of wood pieces. If for instance, you’re using the round wood pieces, put a 6 inch one in place, then a 4 inch high piece next to that, then a 2 inch high piece, then another 4 inch piece, then another 6 inch piece. Repeat this pattern around the edge of your landscaped areas.

Railroad ties are another excellent way to create wooden landscaping edges, and sometimes these can be picked up at no cost from a variety of job sites in your local area.

One of my favorite ideas for wooden landscape edging, is to use long and unusual looking branches from trees or bushes. Sometimes you’ll find fallen tree branches that have unusual shapes and textures, and these can make wonderful borders and edges for your landscaping projects.


2. Stone Landscape Edging Ideas – Using stone to create your landscape edges gives you a lot of variety, style, and freedom for creativity. You could go for a hike for instance, and collect stones in a variety of sizes to take home with you. Check to be sure this is legal where you live first though. Or you could go to a local nursery or home and garden center, and select a variety of stone sizes.

Set the stones up side by side in an attractive pattern, or place them several inches to several feet apart. Alternatively, put large stones a few feet apart, with smaller ones side by side between them. Many decorative pathway style stones can also be bought almost anywhere. These are designed to be laid flat to create walkways with, but they make beautiful landscape edges and borders too. Simply turn them on their side, and bury them into the ground about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way so they’re standing upright. This is even prettier when you plant some annual colorful flowers, such as pansies or vincas in front of each stone.

Concrete and brick are similar but alternative options to using actual stone. Using these also gives you a wide variety of decorative patterns that will make your landscape edging stand out from the crowd.


3. Plastic Landscape Edging Ideas – There are many different styles of inexpensive landscape edging materials made from plastic, and available at almost any store. Some of these are designed to look like small picket fences, while others are meant to look like cobblestone, brick, or wood borders themselves.

All it takes is a little bit of thought and creativity, plus a trip or two to browse some of the materials available at your local garden center, and you’ll soon be bursting with your own unique landscape edging ideas!

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