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Why Top Real Estate Investors Can’t Live Without Their House

Successful real estate investors make it look so easy. They seem to always know which properties will bring profits and which ones to pass.

But too many home investors know what it’s like when an investment doesn’t work. You buy a property that seems like a good one. The numbers look promising. You plan to fix and flip at a profit. But months later you are stuck, barely able to afford the caulk. In over your head, you are confounded by costs you had never thought about.

You can be left feeling like the profitable investors are cleverer than you are, more intuitive or born wizards at numbers. Many of them are. But most of them are no brighter than the average birddog. Take away their real estate flipping software and their profits would plummet.

Whether you are trying to buy low and sell high—or buy low to fix and resell at a profit, your time, energy and money is on the line. You can’t afford to guess—which is why investment software has become an indispensable tool for so many real estate investors. Every aspect of your decision-making and planning matters, whether you are buying a single-family home to resell or unloading several apartments.

Just like the real estate pros, you need to know—before you buy or sell— which deals will be profitable and which will lead to losses.

You don’t have to be a seasoned investor to use most investment flipping software. Most of it is designed to implement easily. Quality software will dramatically lower your learning curve, lighten your workload and point you toward profit strategies and tips only the pros know.

Investing Software Saves You Time and Energy
When a house deal is ripe you want to move quickly with the same confidence of a savvy investor. You could get stressed out and hung up refiguring formulas on calculators and homemade spreadsheets. Or you could plug in some numbers to your trusty investing software and know immediately whether a deal is worth your time.

Investing Software Saves You from Fatal Mistakes
Profitable investors are able to seize the next good investment opportunity because they know from the start how to evaluate their potential profits and losses. But countless real estate investors don’t even realize their calculations and spreadsheets are full of basic errors, faulty formulas and wrong metrics. You could spend months and even years working real estate deals based on wrong assumptions. A good house flipping software is a critical tool to save you from that futile fate.

Instead of piecing napkins and spreadsheets together to evaluate a deal, you can let the built in metrics of your investment software work for you. With a few inputs, your calculations are organized. You won’t have to wonder about hidden costs like property taxes or electricity. You won’t confuse cash flow with net operating income without considering taxes and mortgage payments. Most of all, you won’t make a losing offer when buying or selling a house.

You Look Professional and Credible
Buyers, lenders and experienced investors pay attention when you present them with details of your latest investment deal in a clear, professional format. The beauty of most real estate investment software is how it automatically calculates accurate and visually appealing reports. You don’t risk losing your credibility with homemade spreadsheets, which are prone to all types of possible errors.

Investing Software Helps You Learn the Real Estate Business
Professional presentation goes far when you are trying to do business. At the same time your investment software equips you to learn the nuts and bolts of real estate investing and related terms—like Debt Coverage Ratio and Rate of Return. You will see key terms work as you experiment with different financial scenarios.

The knowledge you invariably gain with specialized software will make those once intimidating investors seem less formidable.

Real Estate Flipping Software Turns You Into a Wizard
When you realize the range of functions built into good investment flipping software, you will wonder how you could consider real estate without it. Just some of the features of most software allow you to:

  • Evaluate opportunities to purchase wholesale and fix and flip properties.
  • Easily track one or all of your properties.
  • Predict and monitor all potential profits vs. losses over time.
  • Structure financing and refinancing options—and prepare loan requests for lenders.
  • Create professional reports for lenders, potential partners, buyers and sellers.
  • Schedule and track home rehab projects.
  • Create a budget for costs and materials—down to the smallest items.
  • Track expenses with the budget while projecting profits.
  • Estimate after repair selling price and selling expenses, as well as holding expenses.
  • See a month-to-month analysis of cash flow, tax liabilities and rates of return

Live with Fewer Surprises and More Profits
The multifaceted functions of investment flipping software might seem like more to do or too much too learn. But taking the time to implement investing software will streamline the way you do business and simplify your life. You will discover strategies for increasing profits, reducing taxes and limiting your liabilities.

Before you know it, you will be one of those successful real estate investors.


  • Most house-flipping software is easy to implement even if you are new to real estate.
  • Real estate investment software is available in many versions—from simple to sophisticated and free to expensive.
  • Look for reputable real estate investment software to access online or download to your computer.
  • Quality investing software will dramatically lower your learning curve to help you profit like seasoned investors.
  • Investment flipping software lets you know immediately whether a deal is worth your time and energy.
  • Know your profit potential before you buy or sell.
  • Structure your own financing and refinancing options—and prepare loan requests for lenders.
  • See a month-to-month analysis of cash flow, tax liabilities and rates of return.
  • Investment flipping software calculates complex investing scenarios—while it simplifies your life.



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