Buying & Selling Real Estate Published February 06, 2012 By Eric Dale
‘Flipping Boston’ on A&E Showcases Boston Real Estate Market

Flipping Boston, a new reality show on A&E is putting the spotlight on two east coast home renovators who specialize in fixing up decrepit properties and flipping them for a profit.

Dave Seymour (Firefighter) and Peter Souhleris (DJ/Architect) agreed to have film cameras on them for over a year as they focused on four separate home renovation and flipping projects. The duo tell their story from start to finish from the initial property bid to when they pass the keys over to a satisfied buyer.

For these two, flipping homes has become a profession which pays. In one episode, Seymour and Souhleris purchase a home for $75,000 and after moving in to upgrade the property, make a tidy profit of $50,000 within less than three days of putting it on the market.

Speaking on a recent triumph in Lynn county, Souhleris stated “It was an amazing transformation, a completely different house at the end.”

But there’s setbacks paired with quick success. The pair have to deal with problems from biting off more than they can chew on some renovations to harassment from the bitter loser of a property bidding war. But despite the potholes along the way, the two are able to remain competitive with rivals thanks to their passion.

Souhleris said “Thanks to my architectural background, I am able to draw the plans for every property I buy and that process alone allows me to get to know every little detail of that house. Literally I can see the entire before and after as I walk through these projects.”

A&E has done their homework with Flipping Boston. Overall the experience has given the Seymour and Souhleris a beneficial amount of exposure and will likely add to their ongoing success in the real estate market. More importantly, the show displays the reality of home flipping in a realistic but encouraging light on national television.



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