Real Estate News Published April 09, 2012 By Eric Dale
New A&E House Flipping Show: Flipped Off

A&E has announced Survivor alumni Russell Hantz will be starring in the new home flipping reality show Flipped Off. As house flipping king Jeff Lewis moves onto other career pursuits, could Hantz be the new reigning fix and flip champ?

For those not acquainted with Russell Hantz, popular culture knows him best as three-time participant on the hit reality series Survivor. Hantz earned a reputation among fans as one of the most manipulative contestants in the shows history with an “anything goes” approach to winning.

In Flipped Off, Hantz is going to have the opportunity to put his competitive “social skills” to use in today’s volatile real estate market.

Working alongside his brother, a home contractor, Hantz will rework dilapidated properties and flip them for a profit with his real estate agent. The three will have to monitor their renovation costs and time their sale carefully to maximize profit.

As in any juicy reality television show, there’s likely to be plenty of unexpected issues and potential disasters waiting in the wings. It’ll be interesting to see how Hantz can adjust to cost overruns and other equally competitive property investors lurking the market. Given his born-to-win nature, Hantz is likely to do whatever it takes to ensure the success of his investments.

With many house flipping shows like Bravo’s five-season Flipping Out having ended their run, there’s not a lot of broadcast competition facing Flipped Off. With Hantz likely to thrill audiences with his cutthroat Survivor tactics, this show could be the biggest guilty pleasure to hit home renovation programming in a while.



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