Real Estate News Published April 11, 2012 By Aaron Schoenberger
Pinterest Becomes Powerful Real Estate Marketing Tool in 2012

Spring is in the air! Property owners and real estate professionals throughout the country are welcoming warmer temperatures with open arms, and are looking for the best ways to market properties in 2012.

As social media marketing continues to evolve, more and more real estate professionals, including fixers and flippers, are turning to the Internet to ensure their properties sell quickly. Fortunately, those who deal with high-end, unique properties are in luck.

In the past few months, the photo sharing website Pinterest has literally exploded. Since May of 2011, the site has experienced a whopping 2,702.2% increase in unique visitors, which is quite admirable. And, since selling real estate is highly dependent on photos, real estate professionals should be ecstatic. Images of interesting, funky, luxurious properties will likely gain momentum on Pinterest, thus increasing exposure and (hopefully) prompting speedy transactions.

Aside from social media marketing benefits, Pinterest offers excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) opportunities for real estate professionals — an important thing in this day and age.

One interesting thing to note is that 50% of Pinterest users have children, and according to a 2009 study by the National Association of Home Builders, 39% of new home buyers are married with children. For real estate investors looking to fix and flip single-family homes, Pinterest looks very promising.



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