Real Estate News Published January 29, 2013 By Aaron Schoenberger
How Social Media Helped Save the Real Estate Industry

Imagine how emotional it must have been for people to hear about the Wright brothers’ first flight or the mass production of automobiles. Both events were truly life-changing, and the same applies to social media. As technology advances we become closer to each other, and ultimately such advancements have made it so transportation — however fast or comfortable — is not needed. With a computer and Internet connection, we have the world at our fingertips.

Social media is a fairly recent phenomenon that has truly taken the world by storm, and everyone from teenagers to the elderly use social websites. When it comes to the real estate industry, social media has acted like a shot in the arm and helped turn the housing market around. Statistics show that a whopping 84 percent of real estate professionals are now using social media and 94 percent of homebuyers begin their searches online.

The biggest way that social media has helped the real estate industry recover from the burst of the housing bubble is by allowing individuals and companies from around the world to instantaneously connect and correspond. This includes businesses connecting with other businesses as well as homebuyers and sellers. It’s all about building mutually beneficial digital relationships, and social media is the venue of choice.

Ultimately, social media has taken location and distance out of the real estate equation, which has made the entire industry more efficient and productive. Social media made it so real estate agents didn’t have to spend thousands of dollars to advertise their services. Homebuyers who were already struggling to qualify for loans didn’t have to waste time and money driving around viewing properties only to be let down. And most importantly, social media brought the real estate community together to combat the hard times and ensure the U.S. economy, namely the housing market, gets back on track.





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