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Home Automation Systems Popular Among Younger, Tech-Savvy Homeowners

Technology now plays an integral role in our daily lives and many of us stay glued to our computers and mobile devices for hours each day. And as technology progressed over the years, it found its way into our homes — first with televisions in the 1950s, then with energy-efficient appliances, and now with home automation systems.

“Though it sounds futuristic, home-automation technology has been kicking around for decades. Products based on the X-10 technology–still the most widely used because it is cheap and piggybacks on a home’s existing power lines–first hit shelves at RadioShack and Sears in 1978,” said an editor from CNET. The fact is that not everyone is tech-savvy and wants to turn their home into a spaceship, which is understandable, and it will take a special generation to truly transformation how we see home automation.

A vast majority of consumers who would consider buying a home automation system are younger and grew up with technology at their fingertips. Older generations, such as my father’s, have difficulty accessing their email let alone using a home automation system. That’s not to say older people won’t automate their homes, it’s just not as prevalent.

To expand their consumer base, manufacturers of home automation systems are on a mission to educate the masses. The idea of networking one’s home sounds like a monumental task, but it’s really not that difficult. One of the most popular systems, Control4, has a video on their site showing ease of use, and a customer states: “While some people may walk in and go wow, this is very futuristic, kids can operate this system so easily. It’s so intuitive.” They recognize the roadblock and are trying to knock it down.

As home automation systems continue to gain popularity, more and more people, including the elderly, will install them in their homes.

Here’s a roundup of some of the most popular home automation systems (in no particular order):

- Control4

- Vivint

- HomeSeer

- Creston

- Iris (by Lowe’s)



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